Infographic – Worldwide iPhone Sales and iPhone Models from 2007 – 2016

The iPhone is a cultural and technological phenomenon that has spread through society like wildfire since it was first introduced back in 2007, and there have been tremendous advances in features and hardware since that first iteration was released. The iPhone is now on its seventh version, and there seems to be no stopping Apple from producing greater and more powerful phones for the future. The first iPhone was basically an overnight success, and now the phone is one of the most sought after in the mobile marketplace.

The growth of the iPhone over the years has been quite a wild ride. Earlier versions of the devices were limited in what they could do compared to the more recent iterations, but many argue that the presence of the iPhone in the mobile marketplace spurred the progress of the smartphone industry. Indeed, while there were smartphone options on the market at the time, like the Blackberry, many more competitors started to enter the field after Apple’s example. Now smartphones are everywhere, and the iPhone remains one of the most prominent pieces of hardware available.

Early adopters of the first iPhone models will happily tell you that the newer models might as well be different phones altogether. The advancements of not only hardware but software as well have allowed for numerous upgrades to the structure and utility of these popular devices. The prevalence of iOS is another example of how the iPhone helped shape the modern mobile marketplace. Their flagship operating system for mobile platforms powers not only the iPhone, but the iPad as well, and there’s even a small version of it that powers the Apple Watch.

Global sales of the iPhone have been so vast that it is nearly impossible to imagine the figures without some sort of visual aid like the infographic below, and the figures have only continued to grow from year to year since the iPhone was first introduced. As more features and utilities are packed into these powerful mobile computers, potential users will start to realize the devices are not only affordable, but they are more than capable of dealing with the daily requirements of the average user.

Where they were once considered a luxury for only the most wealthy, iPhones are now part of life for millions of people across the world, and as the devices become cheaper to produce, their market will only continue to expand.

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