Top 7 Ways to Save iPhone Battery Life

If you’re like us, your iPhone is an essential part of your daily life. Between keeping up with family and friends and using your favorite apps, is it any wonder the battery drains so quickly?

Low battery on your iPhone

If you want to learn how to extend your iPhone’s battery life and stay connected at all times, keep reading. Here are the seven best ways to save battery and make sure you don’t miss anything important.

1. Turn down screen brightness

If you keep your screen’s backlight turned all the way up, think about dimming it a little. Your eyes will soon adjust and you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

iPhone brightness setting

Most iPhones have auto-brightness turned on, so you may need to go into the settings and disable this option. That will give you full control over how much of your battery goes to backlighting your display.

2. Turn off background apps

You may not notice if you have a lot of apps running in the background, but your iPhone’s battery sure does! This is especially true if they are apps that require an internet or data connection. Close down apps you aren’t using and see the big difference in battery life.

We find that there are many apps we never even use. Are you in the same boat? Uninstall them to both free up space and save battery life.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi

It’s pretty common to just leave Wi-Fi on, even when you aren’t connected. What’s wrong with that?

iPhone Wi-Fi

If your iPhone is constantly searching for an available Wi-Fi connection, it’s just draining your battery. Try to only turn it on when you need to use it.

4. Disable your location services

Your iPhone’s location services are extremely useful – when you need them. They can give you directions, allow for you to check in at various places, etc.

However, when your iPhone is constantly searching for your location, it kills the battery. Knowing exactly where you are is great when you’re out and about, but if you’re just sitting at home or work, turn off your iPhone’s location and the battery will last much longer.

5. Turn off notifications

Unless you’re waiting for an important email or message, turn off your notifications. Choosing to check apps manually can save a ton of battery.

iPhone notifications

If the idea of turning off all notifications is a bit scary, it’s simple to go into your app settings and choose the ones you want to disable. This is great for apps you don’t use that often and still allows you to know when you get a work email or Facebook message.

6. Turn off notification vibrations

Having your iPhone vibrate when you get a notification can be one of the best ways to get your attention. It sounds odd, but those vibrations actually use a lot more battery than a ringtone does.

If you don’t have to worry about staying quiet and you get a lot of different notifications, turn off the vibration feature. The less the motor in your iPhone has to move, the longer your battery will last.

7. Go with a simple look

All of those fun, animated backgrounds look so cool, but they are one of the worst battery drainers your iPhone has. The worst part? They aren’t even useful.

Use your favorite photo or a still image as your wallpaper and use that battery to power the important apps you truly need!


We love using iPhones. They are one of the most useful devices most people own, so it’s no wonder we want to be able to use them at all times.

Follow these seven simple tips and you’ll see how much longer your iPhone battery can last. The best part? Most of these steps are so easy and so unobtrusive, you won’t even notice the difference when you’re using them!

We may not be able to tell you how to keep your battery alive forever, but you should be able to squeeze in some extra time when it really counts.

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