Tricks for buying the best used iPhones

Price is the first factor for one to decide on buying an used phone. However, choosing one that is both cheap yet worth its price is not easy. Used phone prices are not fixed, mostly depend on several factors including: who’s selling, where, and its model.

Buying best Used iphones

When buying used iPhone, you should check for:

Touch screen sensitiveness: Testing the phone features such as making a call then touch the screen to test for touch sensitive.

Dead pixels: Turn off the phone, then turn it on again. There will be a white Apple logo screen over the dark border. If any different color pixel is detect, that’s the dead one.

Camera: Test the front and back cameras, flash light, video recording, rotating feature.

Voice recording: open the voice recording app, make a blow, and if the red hand is moving then it’s good.

IMEI: Check the imei on the back of the phone, compare it with the system imei (Settings > General > About > IMEI), this to be sure that phone still in its original case.

iphone imei

Serial number: for all Apple products, serial is the most important to check for a device’s origin. this number can provide the exact system information, color, warranty duration, etc. Retrieve the serial number (Settings > General > About)

serial number iphone

and test it at

iphone check serial

Apple’s website screenshot

iPhone version:

Some may wonder versions: ZA, ZP, LL, J, TH, … meaning, is there any difference?

  • Code ZA distributed in Singapore
  • Code ZP distributed in Hong Kong
  • Code CA Distributor in Canada
  • Code XA distributed in Australia
  • Code LL distributed in the US
  • Code J distributed in Japan

* Note *: All products carry different codes only shows where their intent distributed area, not the place of manufacture.  All products come from China Foxconn Factory, so the quality is the same, no difference.

Here’s how you can check where the distribution area: go to Settings > General > About > Model

iphone model

You only need to pay attention to the last digit of the sequence. LL code show this product is distributed in the US.

In terms of quality, there is no difference in quality between the J, ZA, ZP, XA, … More importantly, when to buy the old iPhone is the warranty and exchange/return service. It demonstrated the commitment that quality shops selling their products.

Other: The home and power buttons are bit easier to be dead, you should press them a couple time to be sure your iPhone is free of this. Then you should test Wi-Fi connection capability, try connecting them 3-4 meters away from the hotspot.

Hopefully this article help you pick out the best used iPhones!

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