Things You Need to Know About the iPhone SE

After a long wait, the iPhone SE is finally here. Although the launch was more surprising than exciting, simply because there was so much uncertainty, and some were expecting the iPhone 7 to hit the markets soon too.

The “SE” though, what does it mean? Well, we have got no idea about it, and we doubt if anyone has, except maybe the top officials at Apple.

iPhone SE

Anyway, let’s get down to business and take a look at what the iPhone SE brings to the table.

4-inch screenThe relieving small screen

The iPhone SE seems to be specifically designed for those craving for a small-screen high-end smartphone. It probably comes as a savior for those who refuse to make the shift from their iPhone 5S to one of the latest high-end smartphones, simply because they just can’t live with a bulky screen.

However, the performance and power doesn’t fail to give some of the bigger high-end phones a run for their money. Although the SE sports a 4-inch screen just like the 5S, it comes loaded with a lot of advanced features.

Looks similar to the iPhone 5S

Even if you’re looking to upgrade from your old and battered 5S to the new and latest SE, don’t expect a lot on the looks front. The SE looks quite similar to the 5S, except maybe for the matte chamfered edges that you don’t find in the latter. Even the SE comes in a metal body.

iPhone 5s

That being said, it’s also probably worth pointing out that Apple doesn’t tamper with the simplicity of use, and ensures the SE can be used perfectly comfortable with just one hand, just like the 5S. The power button is placed at the top, with the volume ones sitting on the sides, and the headphone jack being at the bottom.

However, the extremely similar design to the 5S also means that the users upgrading to SE may be able to use the same cases for the SE.

Gets its camera from the 6S

Back camera of iPhone SEAs mentioned earlier, the iPhone SE seems to a phone loaded with features in a small body. Probably the first major change you would notice if you’re upgrading from your 5S is the significantly better camera.

The SE comes with a 12-magepixel camera, and surprisingly, even 4K video recording. Similarly, unlike the 5S, you can use the iPhone SE to take Live Images, although not many seem to be much excited about that feature yet.

Lack of the 3D touch

Although the SE seems to be picking many of its features from the iPhone 6S, it misses out on what’s believed to be one of the greatest features of the latter, the 3D touch.

The 3D touch concept is based around a pressure-sensing technology, that allows users to access the menus and various other things quickly, neatly, and conveniently, and all they need to do is press on the screen a little harder than they normally would.

Doesn’t disappoint on the power front

As with most of its other features, the SE takes clue from the 6S when it comes to the power factor as well. Packed inside the tiny metal body is a powerful A9 processor, and while the RAM size isn’t known yet, it’s estimated to be 2GB.

Then there’s also the M9 motion coprocessor that ensures you don’t lose out on any of that movement data.

As per Apple’s claim, the SE boasts of being twice as powerful as the 5S as far as the CPU is concerned, and thrice as powerful on the GPU front.

Storage is another disappointment

After the lack of 3D touch, the 16GB storage the SE comes with raises quite a few eyebrows among the users. After all, this limits everything you can do with all the power and advanced features it offers.

Now though there’s also a 64GB version for those who want to store more than a few songs and apps, it sets you back $100 more, which is obviously a lot given the phone is already quite expensive.

NFC makes its way too

Apply Pay is probably one of the most convenient ways of making mobile payments. Apple makes sure that the SE doesn’t miss out at least on this feature.

In fact, they have actually gone a step further with this one, as the NFC chip also comes embedded with it. This allows you to use your iPhone SE wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Finally, Apple doesn’t fail to supplement these features with the much needed security as the SE comes with a fingerprint scanner as well.

Four colors to choose from

Four colors on iPhone SE

It seems that Apple has pretty much decided on which colors to go for, regardless of the type of the device being released.

That being said, the SE comes in four different colors, including Space Grey, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Does the battery stand out?

iPhone battery

Well, if Apple’s claims are anything to go by, the iPhone SE should manage to stand out from most, if not all of its fellow brothers as far as the battery life is concerned.

While the battery life has been a disappointment across all the iPhones, except maybe for the newly launched iPhone 6S Plus, the SE would try to outperform on this front by offering a considerably better 14 hours of talk time and 13 hours of WiFi.

Price and the release date

The iPhone SE is actually going to be one of the cheapest iPhones to have ever hit the market. However, some may still find it to be priced on the higher side, given it comes with a considerably smaller screen compared to some of the other high-end phones in this price range.

However, as far as the features are concerned, Apple seem to be offering more than usual for the price, as the SE seems to be inspired by the 6S on that front, which is priced considerably higher.

The iPhone SE is all set to be released in a few days, though we are not certain if it would receive the same response from the market as the iPhones usually do, especially given that the market now seems to be heavily favoring bulkier phones over the smaller ones.

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