10 Things We Are Expecting From The 10th Anniversary of iPhone

The year 2017 is one of the most important ones for Apple. It is the 10th anniversary of their iPhone, so we expect something new. The expectations are focused on a new iPhone 8.

new iPhone

Recently, Apple offered improved versions of iPhone 7, 7 plus and SE, but we are not interested in them. The accent is on a completely new model. It will be officially announced in September and available in October. But, what we will get? Here are the main and the most probable facts about the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Edged screen

The main and the most important speculation is that a new iPhone 8 will have a curved display, similar to the one on Samsung Galaxy 8 Edge. It should also be from edge to edge and it will occupy almost entirely the front side. We got some intel regarding the display, which suggests that it may be delivered by Samsung.

Beside amazing, OLED screen, iPhone 8 will be available in different sizes, all determined by the size of the display. So, we can expect 4.7 inch, 5 inch, 5.5 inch and 5.8 inches.

Virtual Touch ID and Iris Scanner

If we know that the screen will occupy the most of the front end, it is logical that there won’t be space for a well-known Touch ID. Luckily, it will be replaced with the virtual module. The position will be the same, but now it will be touch-button on top of the display.

Iris Scanner will be implemented in order to ensure better safety of the users and to offer ultimate data protection. This, however, may be reserved for iPhone 8 Plus or some other, premium version.

Wireless charging of the battery

You know that since Samsung Galaxy 6, you can recharge the battery using the charging module, without the need for using the cable. It was one of the most important additions back then. We also know that Apple occasionally offers something that is simply extraordinary.

Wireless charging was in development for the last few years, and iPhone 8 is the most important product since iPhone 3, so it is the perfect time to expect this feature to come. For you who don’t know, wireless charging eliminates the need for cables and charging modules.

More RAM and more storage

Due to an increase of the data sizes, more and more memory is an essential feature. Models with 32GB of memory are almost useless, and we know that Apple knows that. As such, we expect minimum 64GB of memory (starting from) for the new iPhone 8. Still, a version with 128GB would be better.

RAM memory is the next most important thing. The new device will have 3 GB of it, which is precisely what we need. Thanks to it, new apps will run without an issue.

Body made from glass or stainless steel or both

The body of a new device will be unique as well. We know that it will be made from glass and stainless steel, but we still don’t know which material will dominate. Regardless of the matter, the quality will be exceptional.

Of course, well-known color versions will be available.

More resistant than ever before

Water resistance is now a mandatory feature, so we can expect improvements in this field for this year. iPhone 7 was the first-ever waterproof iDevice, and Apple always tries to make things better, so logically, the new iPhone will be more resistant to the water.

Because the display now is far more important than ever before, it will probably be scratch resistant.

Apple Pencil will be supported

There is no need to use tablets anymore. The new iDevice comes will full Apple Pencil support. Business, fun and ordinary usages will be significantly improved. Obviously, you will have to get an Apple Pencil additionally, but it is a valuable possibility, being able to use it with iPhone 8.

AR, Dual-lens camera

Yes, the camera now will have two lenses and they will be placed vertically. But a far more important feature is the AR. Apple has been cooperating with HoloLens and Oculus in order to create this technology. No doubt it will be introduced with the new iPhone 8.

AR will allow for the users to capture pictures of extraordinary quality, but also to change the depth of one or multiple objects. It is a feature that boosts the benefits of the cameras found in smartphones.

Better audio and better Air Pods

Air Pods are probably one of the best headphones you can get. Now, at least with the all-new iDevice, they will come included. We also know that the audio quality of the iPhone 8 will be improved. You will get a much cleaner sound which is at the same time louder.

Air Pods will share the same path of the iPhone 8. They will be more powerful and they will be far more comfortable if that is possible.

Next-generation processor

The all-new A11 processor is expected to be presented with the iPhone 8. If history taught us anything, it is that Apple always improves their technology. The Apple processor was introduced with iPhone 5S and we all liked it.

The new processor will actually skip one generation. It is announced that the new version would be AX10, but we believe that Apple will go directly to A11. In other words, you will get performances from the next generation of smartphones!

Waiting for October

All you have to do for now is to wait September to confirm these facts and to wait one month more in order to buy your new iPhone 8. The price will be changed as well. We expect it to be between $900 and $1.000, but higher prices are possible as well. After all, Apple makes great devices, but all of them come at a price. At the end, we can only say that one way or another, iPhone 8 will be a masterpiece.

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