Taking, Viewing, And Sharing iPhone Live Photos

New advancements in technology offer allow us to connect and share our experiences with other in ways previously unimaginable. One of these ways includes iPhone Live Photos, a feature introduced on the iPhone 6s. This is a great piece of technology that adds to the regular photo ability you have on your iPhone, and can even be used on selfies.

What Is A Live Photo?

A Live Photo offers a full snapshot of the time a photo was taken. In addition to the regular photo, you also get one and a half seconds of video before and after the photo was taken. This gives you a more detailed view of the setting a photo takes place in.

Live Photos also capture audio in the seconds immediately before and after the photo is taken. Consider this as a friendly reminder: should you plan on sharing the photo, be very careful of what’s said before and after the photo.

This feature is not without its downsides. The additional data stored by the extra three seconds of video will eat up your open storage space.

Thankfully turning off the Live Photo feature is simple:

  • Open your camera.
  • Click on the icon on the top center of the screen.
  • If the icon is yellow, that means the Live Photo function is on.
  • If the icon is gray, that means the Live Photo function is disabled.

Taking Live Photos

Aside from making sure the Live Photo feature is on, there is minimal work required for taking a Live Photo, and the process differs only slightly from regular photos. Follow the steps below to take high-quality Live Photos on your phone:

Step 1: Ensure the icon on the top center of your camera app is yellow. This is to show that the Live Photo feature is turned on.

Step 2: Take your photo.

Seems too simple, right? With the Live Photo feature turned on, when you open the camera app, it automatically starts capturing video and audio. This is in preparation should you want to take a Live Photo.

Once you hit the shutter button, your phone automatically enhances the experience you normally get from your camera. You can now tell a greater story, with audio and video combining with still photos to give your audience greater access to some of your most precious memories.

Bonus: The Live Photos feature is available for the selfie feature as well. Just what we’ve always wanted: the ability to share the moments around the time a selfie is taken! Also, as another reminder, be careful when taking Live Photos, as it might accidentally capture potentially embarrassing audio and video that you’d rather others not see.

Viewing Live Photos

Live Photos offer a different point of view than traditional photos. With the added storytelling abilities of Live Photos comes a new way of looking at the photos. This new way is easy, and offers you the chance to give your friends and family more of the story behind your latest memory.

Viewing the photo and the additional audio and video is simple: hold down on the photo for the live part of the photo to play the audio and video with the Live Photo. Voila! Easy as that, if you’re viewing the Live Photo on an iPhone 6s or higher.

Live Photos can also be viewed on other Apple products. You can easily take a look at your Live Photos and show them off to family and friends on any Apple device running iOS9. Mac users can show off their Live Photos on their devices as long as they are running on an OS X El Capitan or higher operating system.

You also have the ability to edit Live Photos through the iOS 9 or higher operating system on your iPhone. This ability functions in the same way that it does for other photos, but adds the benefit of working with the more dynamic Live Photos you’re more likely to want to show off.

Sharing Live Photos

Ready to share your Live Photos? Thankfully there are ways to do this rather easily through your Apple devices.

Are you a social media fanatic who is constantly sharing the latest and greatest on Twitter and Instagram? You won’t be happy with this news then: Live Photos can only be shared on as Live photos on Facebook.

Thankfully, there are ways to turn your Live Photos into formats compatible with Instagram and text messages. These great apps allow you to share your dynamic and intriguing Live Photos with all of your friends and family, regardless of how far away they are.

The video feature of Live Photos allows them to be turned into .GIFs, a moving photo file that takes a video and turns it into a quick and silent image. Using an app such as Lively, you can turn your Live Photos into a high-quality .GIF to send to friends and families around the world.

Live Photos can be shared as they are on Facebook, and uploaded in a similar way. While on the Facebook app on your iPhone 6s or higher, simply choose your live photo from the gallery and upload to your page.

All of these options for sharing, viewing, and taking Live Photos are great for users who want to tell more dynamic visual stories through their photos. By doing so, you’ll be able to give your friends and family more insight into your latest vacation, major event, or adventure.

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