12 Tips For Taking Better Photos On Any iPhone Versions

Taking photos is one of the most common actions of iPhone users. We all know that women have more than 3.000 photos (usually of themselves) on the device. But, how to make your photos better? With these tips, you will begin taking photos as a professional photographer.

Taking Better Photos any iPhones

1. Activate the camera using a screen lock icon

It may look obvious and extremely simple, but this tip is useful due to the fact it allows you to take photos much quicker than when you must unlock the screen, find the camera and then open. In essence, this helps you take photos that must be captured in the perfect moment.

2. Take photos from low angle

When you take a photo from a low angle, you create a more intriguing photo, which directly means that it will be more interesting to the viewers. Secondly, the main individual or an object on the photo will be better pronounced, so it will look better as well.

3. Keep it simple

Even Steve Jobs once said that simplicity is extremely important. We can see this path with any iDevice. The situation is the same when it comes to taking photos with an iPhone. Each photo should have one main object on it. By using this tip, you create photos easier to look at. There are no many distractions on them.

4. Include depth in each photo

All lines found in nature can be used as objects for creating depth. For example, a railway that goes into the distance on the photo will provide the needed depth. Other examples involve oceans, rocks and all natural lines. More depth makes the photo more interesting.

5. Use natural elements as often as possible

When you incorporate a natural element into the photo, you do the same thing as a professional photographer does every single time. For example, an arch of rocks can be used as a frame. Besides this makes photos look better, it makes them stand out from the crowd, which is another reason why many people will like to see them.

6. Capture objects diagonally

Obviously, when you take a photo of a single person, he should be positioned in the center of the photo. The same applies to just one object. However, when you are taking aphoto of multiple objects, try to capture them diagonally. This creates a well-balanced photo.

7. Close your phone to the main object

When you are planning to take a photo of a person (especially a child) an animal or an object which has a colorful and detailed texture, make sure to take a closer photo. By doing this, you will be able to capture all the details and all aforementioned textures. In essence, you are capturing all the details human eye can see.

8. Don’t forget about the shadows

Shadows have a huge role in modern photography. In some situations, they are even more relevant than the actual objects. When you are taking black and white photo, shadows have an amazing effect. On most photos, black and white shadows will boost the number of details, making the composition look professional. Additional tips include using shadows when you are taking photos of trees, people, and large constructions.

9. You can try taking the silhouette photos

Silhouette photos are nothing more than when you take a photo of an object while the camera is facing the light source. In simple words, while you are directed towards the sun, you will take a photo of your friend. What this does is make the person completely dark, while the background is all colorful. No doubt these photos are amazing in any context you may include them.

10. Capture reflections

Reflections have a huge effect on the photos. They can make them more professional, better-looking and more complicated. Usually, mirrors are the most common source of reflections, but they are not ideal. They create a precise reflection of the object, which may have a few drawbacks. A far better alternative is to use water, cars or anything shiny enough to produce a reflection. The key is the distortion of the reflection.

11. Symmetry is a great addition

Some objects, like buildings, are the best when you take photos of them following the symmetry rules. Keep in mind that you can also use reflections to create the same effect. The definition of symmetry is when upper and lower halves of a photo look identical.

12. Don’t use the flash

Flashes great for illuminating dark areas, but not for taking the high-quality photos. You will usually capture too many details or you will create too bright and too dark areas on the photo. Natural light is the best alternative.


The best camera is the one you have ready with you at all times! With these tips and your iPhone, all photos you take will be special and look much better than your previous creations.

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