Top 25 New Features on Apple’s iOS 10

Apple has been busy over the last few weeks with the latest round of iPhones. They introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on September 7th, and the announcement included a caveat that many people were sitting on their hands with excitement to hear. They announced the newest version of the software that powers the iPhone, iOS 10. The new operating system includes a plethora of new features that make it truly stand out from the competition, and it is certainly a big step from previous iterations. The best new features of iOS 10 are listed below for your convenience.

New features on iOS 10

1. Handwritten Text

Handwritten Text on iOS 10With iOS 10, you can use you finger to create text that your friends will see animate as if you are actually writing the message on their screen in real time, just as if you were writing in ink before their eyes.

2. Personalized Text Bubbles

You can now customize the way your text bubbles will appear when they are first received. You can add visual effects that highlight certain important or dramatic phrases. You can even create a whisper effect for calmer messages.

3. Screen Animations

Screen animations iOS 10Text messaging just got more fun thanks to optional screen animations. You can send someone a Happy Birthday text and include animated party streamers and flashing lights to convey just how excited you really are.

4. Invisible Ink

The Invisible Ink feature is quite remarkable. It allows you to send a text message or photo that will remain blurred and pixelated until you swipe over it to reveal the hidden communication. This is perfect for those moments that need to remain a surprise.

5. Faster Responses

The iMessages app now allows users to Tapback a quick response via the last text they received. You can choose from six options that include:

  • Heart
  • Thumbs Up
  • Thumbs Down
  • Ha Ha
  • !!
  • ?

6. Artistic Messages

Videos, photos, and texts can now be fully customized with drawings through the app. Add sketches of your own design or use the preloaded templates for things like fireballs and heartbeats.

7. Text Stickers

Much like the Tapback response system, Stickers allow the user to place an image over a text in order to respond to that individual message. You can even put a sticker on another sticker.

8. Emoji Replacement

Everyone uses emojis at some point, and now they are even easier to incorporate into a text. The new iOS 10 includes a tap to replace feature that instantly swaps out text for the appropriate emoji. No more searching for the perfect symbol.

9. iMessage App Integration

The iMessages app has essentially been integrated into the entire operating system, which means other apps are now available inside the iMessages app. You can pull up other apps to share content, make adjustments, make payments, or just about anything else.

10. Siri App Integration

Siri is now available to run apps from the App Store. That means you can ask Siri to book a ride for you using Lyft or Uber, and the virtual assistant will book the ride for you.

11. Reservations with Maps

The Maps app has received a huge integration upgrade as well, which opens up the possibility of accessing rideshare apps or setting reservations for a nice meal, all while viewing the location through the Maps app itself.

12. Smarter Routing

The Maps app also received a boost to their routing and mapping features. The app will now proactively suggest faster potential routes depending on your final destination and other important factors.

13. Route Search

If you have a route set in iOS 10, you don’t have to leave the route to find something along the path. You can now search right from the route within the Maps app, which makes finding additional stops a breeze.

14. Smart-home Integration

If you have a smart-home, or just a few components that fit in that category, you can now use the Home app in iOS 10 to control those units from anywhere in the world. You can use the app to control temperature, lighting, and much more.

15. Redesigned Music App

The Music app has received a full overhaul in order to make it much more intuitive and natural. The app now organizes music in a much more succinct way, and the user can even automatically view lyrics for any song.

16. Rise to Wake

With iOS 10, you can now simply raise your iPhone to wake it from standby mode. You no longer have to press a button in order to view any notifications waiting for you.

17. Preview Info with 3D Touch

Improving 3D touch3D Touch has revolutionized the utility of the iPhone thanks to the variable pressure each point can detect. With iOS 10, that feature has been expanded to allow quick access to info within apps like Stocks, Calendar, and Weather, all without opening the apps.

18. Improved Notifications

Notifications are now interactive and can be used to respond to whatever elicited the notification in the first place. Texts can be answered, emails replied to, and much more.

19. Predictive Texting

Predictive texting has been around awhile for iOS, but it has been upgraded to include smart links to dates, times, and locations mentioned during a text thread. It will also create events within other apps to coincide with those pieces of information.

20. Better News Coverage

The News app has been completely redesigned with a much sleeker UI and a more intuitive organization system. The news stories that you care about the most are now just a click away.

21. Object Search

One of the most interesting features of iOS 10 is that you can now search through your videos and photos by searching for tags within those photos. For instance, a search of the word ‘beach’ will return photos with or near a beach.

22. Photo & Video Timeline

The Photos app has also received a major upgrade to its organizational system. The content is now displayed on a timeline that perfectly shows the progression of events as they unfold. The app can even be used to craft memorable videos and slideshows.

23. Apple Pay Online

Apple Pay is a useful tool in brick-and-mortar establishments, but it is now possible to use Apple Pay to purchase things online through your iPhone thanks to iOS 10.

24. Bilingual Keyboards

You no longer have to switch between keyboards to write in two distinct languages. This is especially helpful for those who consistently communicate in both English and Spanish.

25. Data Encryption

Privacy is paramount to Apple, which is why they use powerful encryption within each device to keep your data secure. They also encrypt any and all sensitive data sent back and forth between Apple and your device. The data that Apple receives regarding their services like Siri and Maps is always keep confidential. Even Apple itself can not use the data to create customer profiles.

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