Most Important Reasons to Buy an iPhone

Over the past years, the mobile world has floated between iPhone and Galaxy. One of them comes from Apple; the other one from Samsung. Which one is the best? Hard to say. It depends on what you need a smartphone for. However, if you end up using both smartphones from the same generation, it is easy to realize what makes iPhone such a world renowned hysteria. Simply put, it is just better. Some people fail to understand why everyone is so crazy about iPhone. Why? Easy. Unless you own or operate an iPhone for a few days, chances are you have no clue how far it can go. All in all, if you would have to choose between one and another, why would you pick Apple’s gadget? What makes iPhone a front runner?

Impeccable Sound

iPhone's EarPodsThe sound in Apple’s iPhone is simply impeccable. There is nothing to reproach. The EarPods are fantastic, while the microphone and diffuser are crystal clear. To some people, the sound might be irrelevant, but you will be amazed to hear your interlocutor like they were in the next room, not to mention some music. Some specialists claim that there are a few smartphones in the world with a perfect audio system – Nokia N91 (with a Harman Kardon sound processor) and any iPhone. All in all, the sound is perfect, incredibly clear and comes with a surprising bass.

Photo and Video Clarity

The slow motion video shooting is definitely an innovation. It is no surprise why you can do so many things with an iPhone. However, this is not the one and only relevant thing. There is simply no smartphone on the market to come up with such clear pictures. Even the front camera will pleasantly surprise you. A rear camera picture will go up to 8MP, while a picture with the front camera comes with 1.2MP. Feeling like taking some pictures in the club? How about some pictures at night? Consider it done. It might be dark, indeed, but the clarity leaves no room for mistakes.

Specialized Applications

Many applications are specifically developed for iOS (the Apple operating system). Some of them will remain in the AppStore only, so they will be exclusive. Some others manage to “escape”, so you might find various alternatives on Android as well – in the Play Store. Remember Instagram or Flappy Bird? Exactly! Besides, applications are way better drawn for iOS. Just because they manage to get some alternatives for Android, it is obvious that they will not match the same requirements.

Stable Hardware and Software Systems

If you have ever had an Android based smartphone, you have probably noticed that applications change in terms of availability. Some applications work perfectly today. A few months later, the next update will most likely ruin the application. There are plenty of reviews on applications, yet a lot of users complain about the “last update”. These problems are less likely to happen on iOS. The general idea is fairly simple – you can easily tell the difference between a top premium product and some good products that just do not excel.

Superb Design

iPhone 6's Design

How about the actual design? Most touchscreen smartphones look alike. They respect exactly the same design standards, yet small details make the difference. There are no bumps around the plugs or camera. Instead, lines are perfectly finished. Apple also relies on premium materials. Even the plastic coming with some generations is likely to face the test of time with no major problems at all. In other words, iPhone is a piece of jewelry that you can use as a phone too.

Forget about Task Managers and Application Killers

iPhone has never really needed task managers and application killers to run decently. It is almost impossible to get it stuck as well. Sometimes, it happens because of specific applications and not really because of the smartphone or internal processes. Even so, when applications get stuck on iOS, they close by themselves in less than a second. If you use Android, you almost feel like waiting in line inside a supermarket on Black Friday. You can barely wait for it to give you an error, only to have the option to wait or just close the application. In more severe cases, you will have to force restart the gadget or remove the battery.

As a short final conclusion, it is no surprise why Apple dominates this industry. The iPhone has hit the market like an actual innovation. It dictates the modern trends, so most manufacturers have followed the example. But then, they are less likely to match the expectations, not to mention overcoming the original concept. iPhone is a front runner from most points of view. Sure, you may not have USB access or widgets, but these things are less likely to influence your overall experience.

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