iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s: Which is Better!

The iPhone SE is a compact smartphone designed by Apple. It wears the exterior of the iPhone 5s while also boasting many of the same technologies used in the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s is one of the most powerful iPhones currently available on the market today. As Apple’s flagship, it flaunts numerous high-quality features that are not normally available in the other iPhone models.

The Comparison

These handheld devices are considered to be of excellent quality. The question is: which one is the best? Both of these smartphones’ features, functions, and technologies will be unbiasedly compared in order to help you decide on which is the better choice.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s - Specs

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s – Specs

Size and Weight

Each of these phones has their own respective size and weight. If you are looking for a smaller phone that can easily fit in your hand, go for the iPhone SE. If you are confident that you can use a larger phone, the iPhone 6s is for you.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is backed with aluminum, and is measured to be 124mm by 59mm by 7.6mm. It weighs in at about 113g. In combination with the small size, makes this the ideal phone for people who are unable to get a proper grip on larger models.

iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s is larger than the SE, at around 138mm by 67mm by 7.1mm, and weighs approximately 143g. Like the SE, it is constructed using aluminum. This is ideal for people who looking for a phone that is not quite as small as the iPhone SE.


Display size and resolution are important factors to consider when comparing smartphones. Larger displays may make it easier to use the on-screen keyboard, and provide improved immersion. Although it does come at the cost of some performance.

iPhone SE

The SE has a relatively small screen compared to other smartphones at 4 inches. The resolution is 1136 by 640, with 326 pixels per inch.

iPhone 6s

The 6s’ screen is 0.7 inches larger than the SE, at 4.7 inches. Slightly different from the iPhone SE, the resolution is 1334 by 720, but also with 326 pixels per inch. It includes 3D touch, a feature the SE does not have.

While the 6s has a higher resolution, it is still not a big difference, and both models are about equal in this matter.

Processor and RAM

The processor and RAM in a phone are huge in deciding which phone to use. Both of the phones use the same processor: a 64-bit dual-core 1.85ghz A9. They also both have 2 gigabytes of ram.


Apple’s smartphones have never come out of the box with much storage space. Both of these phones start with 16GB of space, the SE can be upgraded to 64GB, and the 6s can have a maximum of 128GB.

In conclusion, if you require extra space to store an abundance of apps, photos, videos, or other files, the 6s is the best choice.

Color Options

Both of these phones are available in the same four color schemes offered by Apple. This includes space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold. Whether you decide on the s6 or the SE, the available color schemes are the same.


While the 6s has a slightly better battery capacity, the SE still has a longer battery life.


Both the 6s and the SE have the same rear camera, with 12MP quality, but the front cameras are different: the SE has 1.2MP, and the 6s has 5MP.

If the megapixel quality of the front camera is important to you, get the 6s, as its quality is better by a landslide.


Both of these smartphones have the iOS 9 operating system installed by default.


While the iPhone SE is not as powerful feature-wise, it is much cheaper than the 6s at US$399. The iPhone 6s costs US$649 full retail, which is a huge difference.

If you are on a budget, or even just want to save some money, the SE is much less expensive than the 6s. Along with that, it still offers many of the same features.

Other Features

There are, of course, other less notable features that come with the phones by default. Such as Apple Play support, hands-free Siri, and more.

iPhone SE

The SE comes with an older fingerprint sensor that is slower and less accurate but works all the same. It also has the proper NFC chip and the necessary secure element inside-in to allow for the use of Apple Play. The iPhone SE supports hands-free Siri, allowing you to give your digital voice assistant commands without having to press any buttons.

iPhone 6s

The 6s has one of the newest versions of Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint scanner. Like the SE, the 6s also has the features required to use Apple Play correctly. It also allows the use of hands-free Siri. Byu saying, “Hey Siri” you can give commands to your voice assistant, no extra steps required.

Final Verdict

In the end, the phone you want really matters on your unique preferences. In overall quality and features, the iPhone 6s is the obvious option. Although, the iPhone SE offers nearly the same performance for hundreds of dollars less. If you are on a budget, the SE is most likely the best choice. If the price is not important, the iPhone 6s offers more features, ultimately making it the better option.

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