The iPhone 8 Plus: Is It a Real Update?

The iPhone-X may have gained much popularity among the iPhone lovers, but iPhone 8 Plus is nevertheless a superb phone. It offers all the best features you want to blow your mind.

The “iPhone 8 Plus” is the pragmatic iPhone coming from Apple. The style has aged as well as it doesn’t hold the same glam and glitz of iPhone X, but “iPhone 8 Plus” offers all the things you could desire from a Smartphone in 2018. It has everything you have come to enjoy about iPhone with sufficient refinements to provide it that unique phone feeling.
iPhone 8 plus review

In this post, we will discuss about the iPhone 8 plus in-depth. You will discover more about this phone and make your final decision wisely.

Best Features Of The iPhone 8 Plus:

Listed below are some features of iPhone 8 plus.

Superb Craftsmanship

Overall it is a great phone. The main thing is its superb craftsmanship. Like previous iPhones, it also has obtained a top-notch build quality. However, one factor to notice is that it offers some heft toward it. Therefore, it feels somewhat on the weightier side and also the back is glass. Consequently, you have to be cautious due to this glass; we possess that awesome wireless charging.

Design And Style

This retains the style and design of the previous iPhones. Through the last 4 generations, the style is quite comparable to this one. Additionally, it offers touch ID. Seeing that you anticipate touch ID functions well, therefore, if you are accustomed to this after that it is very dependable. It functions nearly 100% of that time period. However in a specific area that touch ID doesn’t work, if the fingers are somewhat moist after that it doesn’t work. Aside from that, it will work almost every time.

Double Speaker

At this point, one thing which we really enjoyed about “iPhone 8 plus” as well as the iPhone earlier generation “iPhone 7” was the double speaker setup. Also, this one offers that double speaker setup. The Apple has advanced on this. It is louder slightly and currently, it also offers some pace towards this. The “stereo speaker setup” is truly very good.


About the battery, it is also quite impressive. You should not go by reading the mAh hour if you evaluate the mAh power ratings with the Android smart phones. This doesn’t have that massive mAh battery. However, the battery lifetime which getting on the 8 plus is incredible. If you evaluate this with the front-runner smart phones then do not have that excellent battery life. However, that wasn’t the scenario with this particular one. On iPhone 8 plus it was effortlessly lasting for approximately 1.5 days even sort of long usage.

Head-Phone Jack

In case you’re sort of utilized to this one and if you are coming from iPhone 7, in that case, this one doesn’t have that head-phone jack also. Apple packed earphones with the lightning connector.

iPhone 8 plus bottom

Additionally, the positive thing is the sound output was really great for included earphones. Typically included earphones with other high-quality smart phones aren’t that great. This is actually great when it comes to audio output. With regards to audio output, it is very excellent. However, in case you have possessed some great set of headphones already then you need to use dongle. Additionally, the output rather via dongle was good also.


iPhone 8 plus cameraThe camera is 12 MEGA-PIXEL on the iPhone 8 plus. We get the double camera implementation on this phone one is “wide one” and the second is telephoto lens. In case you focus on the rear camera then it certainly generates very great results. However, in the low-light, we’re going to expect this to do somewhat better. This iPhone 8 Plus has that excellent telephoto lens. On the other hand, it has the portrait mode. However, this additionally has that excellent lighting effect. It is a kind of cool on this iPhone 8 Plus model. However other ones tend to be kind of gimmicky. It is your decision. But in case you want all those lighting effect and portrait mode then sadly you need to go with this plus version. The typical iPhone will not have all those excellent features.

3d Touch Performance

We will enjoy the 3D touch performance. You can press some icons to have more information for instance calling and some other quick settings. It is a great addition as well as while you type, you can simply press on keyboard and then maneuver the cursor similar to a track-pad. Therefore it is a big time saver. This does not have the regular vibration motor. The iPhones possess this referred to as the taptic engine. They provide you a much better feedback.

Price Of iPhone 8 Plus

Prices for iPhone 8 Plus begin at $799/£799 for 64 GIGABYTE and $949/£949 for 256 GIGABYTE. That is less expensive than iPhone X – which is going to begin at $999/£999 while it delivers in November – however, it is an excessive starting price compared to iPhone 7 Plus ($749/£719, 32 GIGABYTE).


  • Turbo speakers
  • Excellent screen
  • Versatile, excellent camera
  • Wireless charging is mind blowing


  • Almost same design with iPhone 7 Plus
  • No OIS on the secondary camera
  • No OLED

iPhone 8 Plus can be described as an excellent phone to suggest. Sure, it is powerful and excellent phone to buy. It has all the best features to offer.

iPhone 8 Plus

Toss in the truth that “wireless charging” is poor; the quick “wired charging” will cost you more, and the “flagship camera” offer “Portrait Lighting” which simply doesn’t work nicely enough but the iPhone 8 Plus is beyond all those problems.

If you are arriving from iPhone 7 or even 7 Plus then there is not a lot to warrant the upgrade – although shifting from 6 or even 6s is a lot more understandable. Not to mention if you are presently an Android owner, you will find smart phones which are simply fast, having modern styles, for much less cash in Android ecosystem.

To sum up, iPhone 8 Plus is what you need to get if you’re thinking to boost your experience of using phones coming from the world famous Apple Company. Thanks for reading this post. Please leave your opinions in the comment box below. Also share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great time.

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