iPhone 7: Everything You Need To Know

September 7th saw the release of the new iPhone 7, the latest iteration in the iPhone family. The iPhone 7 is a big step up from the previous iPhone 6, but what exactly has changed, and what are the best new features of the iPhone 7? You’ll find out in the sections below.


It’s no secret the older iPhone models were lacking in this department. It was basically impossible to use the lowest-capacity models for any significant purpose, which is why Apple has doubled the capacity for the iPhone 7 from the previous version.

Jet-black iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 comes in three capacities, which are 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Those who are familiar with the problem of limited storage will no longer have to worry. It should be noted that the new Jet Black iPhone 7 only comes in the higher two capacities of 128GB and 256GB.


The iPhone 6 was available Space Grey, Gold, White, and Rose Gold, but the Space Grey finish has been replaced for the iPhone 7. In its place are two finishes, which are Jet Black and Black. The colors are separated by the style of finish. The Jet Black is glossy, while the Black is flat and non-reflective. The White finish has also been replaced by a Silver option.

Black iPhone 7


If you had an iPhone 6 or 6S, you’ll probably not notice any difference in the size between it and the iPhone 7. The dimensions of the iPhone 7 are:

  • 138 grams
  • 2.64 inches wide
  • 5.44 inches long
  • 0.28 inches thick

The iPhone 6S is physically identical to the iPhone 7 in terms of dimensions, but the newer model weigh 5 grams less.


This iPhone is the first in the entire line to earn an IP67 rating under the IEC standard code 60529, which is a complicated way of saying these phones are able to resist damage against splashes, contact with water, and dust. That’s right, the iPhone 7 is coated with a water resistant surface that makes the device waterproof. The resistance could possibly wear off over time and with regular use.


The iPhone 7 can display more colors than any other iPhone, and it has a brighter maximum brightness. The display measures 4.7 inches, and it includes Retina technology and MultiTouch gestures.iPhone 7 Screen

The zoom-in feature has been simplified thanks to the MultiTouch display, and the screen can display multiple languages at once. Fingerprints won’t stick to the display thanks to its oleophobic coating.

Rear Camera

The rear camera for the iPhone 7 is roughly the same as the 12MP camera on the iPhone 6. It has the same 5x digital zoom, but it does introduce a new six-element lens. The new rig can handle optical image stabilization on the fly, which is an handy new feature.

Rear camera on iPhone 7

Panoramic photos of up to 63 megapixels are possible with the iPhone 7. The software running the camera has received a significant boost as well, helping with noise reduction and auto HDR.


The processor has received a big upgrade from the iPhone 6. The older model had an A9 chip paired with an M9 coprocessor, but the iPhone 7 has a newly designed singular chip that incorporates both of its predecessors. The A10 Fusion uses 64-bit architecture, and the M10 motion processor is embedded within the primary circuitry of the main chip.

The iPhone 7 is much more powerful now that the two processors are working in tandem. It can perform more operations, and it runs at a faster speed.


A lithium-ion cell powers the iPhone 7, and it is non-removable. The battery is able to provide an additional 2 hours of use time over the iPhone 6. Below are a few more details about the iPhone 7 battery:

  • Standby Duration: 10 Days
  • Network Data Use: 12 Hours
  • WiFi Use: 14 Hours
  • Talk Time: 14 Hours
  • Wireless Audio Playback: 40 Hours
  • Wireless Video Playback: 13 Hours

Video Capture

The iPhone 7 can record video at 720p resolution at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 or 30 fps, and a stunning 4K resolution at 30 fps. That new 4K resolution is quickly becoming the standard for high definition.

Slow motion video can be captured at 240 fps at 720p and 120 fps at 1080p, and the new auto-stabilization feature prevents time-lapse shots from seeming shaky.

A new feature introduced with the iPhone 7 is the ability to zoom in on video footage after they have been recorded. This allows you to better see what you caught on camera.

iOS 10

iOS 10 represent a huge step forward for the operating system. One of the best new features is the upgraded Messages app, which now has significantly more customization than ever before. Siri has now been incorporated into other apps, meaning you can use Siri to command those apps. Here’s a brief list of the native apps preloaded on the iPhone 7:

  • Safari
  • Siri
  • Health
  • Photos
  • iTunes Store
  • iBooks
  • App Store

Other apps are free to download from the App Store, but they don’t come preloaded. Those include:

  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • iMovie
  • Numbers
  • GarageBand

Front Camera

The old iPhone 6 only had a 5-megapixel front camera, but the iPhone 7 has been boosted up to a 7-megapixel camera. The new camera also can record video at 1080p, where the iPhone 6 had an upper limit of 720p.

There are no LEDs for the front camera flash since the display is used for the flash instead. The front camera can capture photos with the same modes as the rear camera, including timer mode, exposure control, and burst mode.

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