iPhone 6s Plus: Fastest Performance & Many Unique Features

You perhaps know that there are lots of iPhone fans in this world. However, most of them are not likely to purchase the latest iPhone of Apple- iPhone 6s Plus. And, the most obvious reason behind this is nothing but its high price. Still, there are some prospective customers, who are crazy to pay for iPhone 6s Plus, possibly for the following features.

iPhone6s plus


The camera of 6S Plus will attract most of the photographers. Unlike other mobiles, it takes snaps with realistic shade that is surely loved by the photographers. You will be enabled to enjoy 4K video recording. The iPhone 6s Plus with the optical stabilizer may also make the still pictures haze free even when there is low light.

The presence of 12MP sensor in the mobile is not just the reason for which 6S Plus may record 4K. It is responsible also for better quality of image on contrary to iPhone 6.

The display quality of the iPhone

The display of iPhone 6S Plus has faced some criticism recently. But, 5.5-inch LCD screen of the model cannot be reviewed in a completely negative way because it can deliver you the dazzling full-HD picture. However, you may find noticeable and practical difference between 6S Plus and some other similar quality handsets.

Screen display iPhone 6s plus

The screen of iPhone 6S Plus is competent to measure the level of pressure that you apply. In view of that it will exhibit a fresh related menu when it is optimized for this. Thus on homescreen of the phone – you tap the camera icon and then it will show 4 shortcuts. Each of these shortcuts is for videos, slow-motion footage, selfies and normal pictures. You do not need to open the application to navigate it. In the message or mail app, you may apply some force on the display to look at the previews of your mails. With slightly more stress on the display, you may skip into them directly. While the pressure is applied on keyboard, it transforms to trackpad that gives you an advantage to edit files.

It is really a thrilling innovation of Apple. However, what actually excites most of the users is at the time of playing a game. Game makers will also have some advantage with the additional controls, offered by 3D Touch. They are generating some new ideas with which a meaningful mobile game can be play in an interesting way. The extra functionality in gaming could truly initiate a new series of innovation in mobile gaming.

Hey Siri and iOs 9

Another feature, launched by Apple- Hey Siri, is now functional, and to enjoy this feature, you will need to connect the phone to any power source. In fact, Hey Siri enables you to promptly express commands to the iPhone with the help of voice control feature. For instance, it is able to read out the text messages loudly.

As the iPhone will be paying attention to your subsequent command, the issues on confidentiality have, generally been arisen. However, Apple has confirmed that this feature of the iPhone will be activated only when your command and definite voice pitch is identified. Nothing can be tracked before your utterance of the words – “Hey Siri.”

Besides, the Operating System, iOS 9 also introduces a number of latest personal assistant-oriented utilities, such as, a better Siri, improved maps, superior AN- Spotlight, and Proactive supporter.

Strong casing of iPhone

Historically, it has been seen that the iPhones have flimsy structures. However, this fact cannot be applied in case of iPhone 6S Plus. This is weighty monolith; though this is as hard as nails. If you drop the phone by mistake from about four to five feet, there will not be a slight ding on its structure.

Awesome performance

When we talk about performance, we can never overlook Apple. In spite of possessing some low specifications, in contrast to many other competitors, an iPhone generally works best. The performance of graphics, user experience and the speed of processing and many more things are enjoyed by almost every iPhone user.

The 6S Plus has A9 chipset that is sustained with M8 motion sensor. Besides, A9 performs better than that of A8 that was applied for iPhone 6. Moreover, the speed of graphic processing is eighty percent faster than any other old models.

iPhone6 and iPhone 6 splus

The finger print sensor of iPhone 6S Plus will also allow you to unlock the handset and make payments online easily.

In most of the iPhone, the battery life is a common problem. But, iPhone 6S Plus presents the best-quality battery. The battery life may last continuously for more than thirty hours.

There are some noteworthy features for which iPhone 6S Plus is becoming more popular to a considerable number of customers in this world.

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