Differences Between iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s – What’s new

After long months of wait, the iPhone 6S is finally out. As it’s with most ‘S’ upgrades, it fine-tunes what Apple designed and formulated last year, the iPhone 6. It’s fitted with an improved camera, much faster processor, and a smart 3D Touch display. If you’re contemplating of upgrading to iPhone 6S, it’s good to understand what’s this that Apple is bringing out with the 6S.

Better design, yet much alike style

iphone 6s vs iphone 6

Aesthetically, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S aren’t very different. Although iPhone 6 remains one of the good phones around, it was perhaps the least eye-catching iOS device to date; its plastic antenna bands, much curved sides and a popping camera lens all made the gadget to fall short of the archetypal Apple flamboyance.

As aforementioned, the two phones are very much alike; both have a slim metallic body with overly curved edges. However, the two differ slightly in size and weight with the iPhone 6S weighing more at 143g and measuring 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm compared to iPhone 6 which weighs 129g with 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm dimensions. You’ll really find it a little bit hard feeling the difference of both size and weight of the two phones in your hand. If you like it slighter and thinner, then the iPhone 6 model will just do fine.

An improvement with the 6S is that it’s built with the better series 7000 aluminium alloy as opposed to the 6300 series used for the iPhone 6. This makes the iPhone 6S one of the well built and strongest phones out there. So, if you treasure that extra strength, then you’ll find the 6S friendlier than the iPhone 6. If you find the gold and rose gold shades much appealing to you, then you can now get the options with the 6S in addition to the space grey and silver options with which the two phones come in.

Speed and performance

One major change that Apple brings about year-after-year is increasing its processor. The A9 of the iPhone 6S model has a whopping 70% normal usage speed and more than 90% graphical proficiency higher compared to the A8 of iPhone 6. The 6S is immensely powerful and effective for running awesome graphically intensive games. This also implies that more apps can remain open a bit longer and webpages take relatively shorter to reload compared with the older model.

Display and the 3D Touch

Both phones come with a 4.7 inch 1334 x 750 screens but Apple is said to have used the toughest glass in the industry for the 6S model. Quite honestly, the 3D touch is one intriguing feature that should make you consider the iPhone 6S but it’s worthwhile to note that for now, it works with Apple’s inherent apps such as messages, mail, safari, etc. The good side of it is that it enables you to pop into an app, something that can help you save considerable amount of time. In addition, the 3D touch has been extended to the camera in 6S model whereby pressing on a photo transforms it into a live photo, which serves more like a short video.

Upgraded 12 megapixel camera

If there’s something that some of us would like to bank on a new iPhone, it’s a new and refined camera for better image shots. While the iPhone 6 came with a fanciful 8-megapixel sensor, loaded with larger pixels to enable more light into your shots, the 6S model phases out the 8-megapixel with a 12-megapixel for even much better, detailed snapshots. The upgraded pixel count also enables the 6S phone to record 4k video footage.

The ‘selfie’ camera on the front of the iPhone 6S has been improved from the 1.2-megapixel sensor of the iPhone 6 to the more acceptable 5-megapixels. Plus, the retina flash, which enhances the screen’s brightness up to three times to light up your face, works pretty well rendering options for better, sharper images where none of such options existed before with the iPhone 6.

Battery life

The iPhone 6S comes with a relatively shorter battery life than the iPhone 6 model. The iPhone 6 model comes with 1810mAh battery pack as opposed to the 1715mAh of the 6S model. The smaller battery pack of the 6S can be attributed to the larger motor needed for the 3D Touch interface and the additional space required for the pressure sensor.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 inforgraphic

What’s the verdict?

The new iPhone 6S is loaded with a number of impressive upgrades such as the 3D Touch and a 12-megapixel camera not featured in the iPhone 6. However, the issue lies with the price. The 6S costs more than the old model although both phones have basically the same chassis and camera. Plus, the lower battery life of the 6S could make you think twice before upgrading from your older iPhone 6. So, you’ve got a bit of conundrum here if you’re considering upgrading from the iPhone 6 to the new 6S model.

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