iPhone 4S – The perfect iPhone with cheap price

As an old style smartphone, 2014 maybe the last year that the iPhone 4S will be updated. Compared to the iPhone 4, which is discontinued by Apple in 2013, the iPhone 4S possesses better imaging capabilities and higher devices. With iOS version 8 is updated in the iPhone 4S, operational capabilities of the operating system on the iPhone 4s is quite impressive.

As the price is very affordable and is being supported Apple iOS 8 latest iPhone 4S. iPhone is probably the most attractive phone at the moment.

cheap iphone 4siPhone 4S – The cheaply attractive iPhone?

The current market price of an used or a refurbished iPhone 4s is just under $200 without contract. Compared with the newer generation iPhone, iPhone 4s, what will be the advantages and disadvantages?


Similar design to the iPhone 4, many people rated iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is the most beautiful designs ever. Although only come with two colores, black and white, but the design of the iPhone 4 / 4S is not any “inferior” compared to modern products. IOS 8.0 is quite unstable on the iPhone 4s, but the performance was excellent when iOS 8.1 came out.

Price and the quantity on market are further advantages of the iPhone 4S. It is quite rare to find a new iphone 4s that hasn’t activate the warranty. However, used iPhone 4s are basically in every old phone store.

Compared to the higher generation iPhone, such as iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, components of iPhone 4s also has a much lower price. Users are not too concerned about damaging the device partially due to low cost components and the amount of components has a lot to replace. Parts for iPhone 4s relatively reasonable prices, users do not need expensive storage as the new iPhone.

Accessory is the final selling point of the iPhone 4s. iPhone 4s has tons of accessories with the cheapest prices ever.


Of course, compared to the newer generation, Apple iPhone 4s will only be supported until the end of this year. iOS 8 may be the last operating system version that supported.
Compared with the newer iPhone, iPhone 4s has smaller screen size: 3.5 inch, lower configuration and features.


Should I buy an iPhone 4s?

Yes, iPhone 4s will be suitable for you if you are looking to own a stable smartphone at reasonable price; or if you just want to test iOS before investing on a more expensive device.

In addition, if you dont like the big screen size, then iPhone 4s will be rightfor you at the moment.

No, If you need an iPhone with high up-to-date capabilities, then iPhone 4s features may not be enough. Although equipped with anti-vibration video recording capabilities, the image quality of the iPhone 4s is still worse than the newer iPhone. IPhone 4s is inferior in both pictures and video shooting quality, so if you want a great imaging phone for great photos, iPhone 4s may not be a wise choice.

At the moment, iPhone 4S has been rated as the cheap iPhone genuinely, equipped with latest version of Apple operating system.

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