iPhone 4 vs 4S: Which iPhone to Buy

To plenty of potential buyers, differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are irrelevant. As you dig deeper, the upgrade becomes emblematic. The new Apple smartphone has an advanced camera, an A5 processor and an upgraded personal assistant Siri. The new gadget has come up with a series of questions. Is it better than iPhone 4? Is it worth the upgrade?

iPhone 4 - 4s

Identical design, better reception

The general idea to come up with a similar device was at least risky. The device is literally identical, with just a couple of simple changes that no one can notice. The main difference is a small antenna added to the superior part of the device. It is built-in and can target CDMA and GSM signals. This antenna labels it as a world phone, so it is ideal for those who travel a lot. If you think about the average user, this upgrade does not add too much to the smartphone capabilities.

 Neglectful differences

iPhone 4S is equipped with an A5 dual-core processor, as well as a 1GHz frequency running at 800MHz. If you compare the specs, the outcome is way above iPhone 4’s capabilities. You may not observe any changes while browsing the menu or hanging around the smartphone, yet they become obvious when running applications or browsing the Internet.

The same rule applies to games. Differences are not noticeable, yet avid gamers will notice that games load faster on iPhone 4S. The real difference makes a statement when running sophisticated games, such as Infinity Blade 2. At that point, the CPU and GPU will be drastically updated. iPhone 4S will become your best friend then, since its processor is about seven times more powerful.

In the end, the new A5 processor may not be too obvious in handling common tasks like browsing the web or accessing basic applications, yet the upgrade is necessary in the long run. If you have the option to choose one or another upfront, there are no doubts that the 4S model is a wiser choice.

Camera – the actual strength of iPhone 4S

Is it really worth changing your smartphone for a camera? If you already have iPhone 4, it is worth switching. If you do not have any of them, go for the new version. The sensor has an increased resolution. With 8MP, it allows resolutions o 3264×2448. The previous version comes with 5MP only.

The trigger time is exquisite, so you will capture more pictures with 4S than with 4 over the same period of time. Pictures are well detailed, with accentuated details and bright colors, even under low light conditions. The f/2.4 diaphragm and CMOS sensor make the difference.

Moreover, the camera is able to record videos in full HD resolutions at 1080p. You got an imagine stabilizer that clears the so-called “shaking” movement. In other words, if you truly like taking pictures and shooting videos (but you dislike carrying a bulky gadget), the camera is definitely the strongest upgrade.

Siri – surprisingly attractive

Before launching the new model, Apple has made an announcement about the personal assistant – Siri. To most critics, it looked like a simple trick to draw more attention. The necessity of a personal assistant is great for excessively lazy people. However, the general idea of talking to your iPhone might look a bit absurd. Once you get to interact with Siri, your preconceptions become history. Siri is not just extremely useful, but also fun.

You can use it for fun. Ask all kinds of dumb questions for funny answers. You can also use it in a productive way by setting alarms, searching the web or setting calendar appointments. Make a phone call or get specific details about your contacts.

Unfortunately, there are specific factors that do not make Siri such a good option for everyone. First, it cannot search locations all over the world. You cannot find information in other languages but English, German and French. If you have a British accent, set the smartphone language accordingly or you may not get along with Siri. In essence, your accent should match the settings.

4 – 4s Comparison Chart

4 vs 4s Comparison

iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S?

This is the moment of truth. Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 4? Is it worth choosing 4S over 4? Yes and no. If you already have iPhone 4, this is a huge step. You will notice the difference right away. If you do not have an iPhone and you think about joining the iOS world, iPhone 4S is one of Apple’s best products. iPhone 4S makes a top-notch option for those who switch from various Android devices as well. Believe it or not, it can even compete to more recent models of iPhone, yet they obviously have their strengths too. Generally speaking, you can congratulate yourself for a great choice.

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