Looking Back At How iPhone Changed The World

Today, buying an iPhone has become a trend to the present tech-savvy generation, and it is now a common handset to lots of people. But, if we turn our eyes back to the situation of about ten years ago, we could see that iPhone was familiar only to a few people. However, within one decade (from 2007 to 2017), Apple has been successful in selling over one billion iPhones. In fact, Steve Jobs realized that modern consumers look for three major things- an innovative mobile, touch-sensitive screen and an internet-enabled device. So, he had integrated all three features into one model, and that is iPhone.

Lack of practical features in oldest iPhone

Though the first release of iPhone was an excitement to the users, the oldest model did not have anything special. It had no 3G connection that is now highly desirable. The battery quality was also not much appreciable. And to say about the resolution of camera, it was only 2 megapixels. However, the scrolling options and pinch-to-zoom features were present in that model.

The most remarkable step that Apple had taken is the reconsideration of the pre-set price. For 8GB models, it had cut $200. This decision had helped the company to appeal lots of potential buyers.

Introduction of apps and several other features

In the first model, the users could not find most of the useful features. The most notable one is that it did have any app store icon. The buyers in 2008 were lucky enough to get this feature. They were able to download some apps and then install them, just like the modern devices. Initially, the users could enjoy only fifteen apps that had not filled up the screen. However, the company had declared that it would add web apps in the future.Now, as we have moved through a long path and reached 2017, all these facts may seem to be weird to us.

The most annoying fact about the older models is that they did not include the simple and most useful copy-paste features in the apps. But, it was in the year, 2009, OS 3 model of iPhone was introduced with such feature. At that time, it had turn out to be the USP of the company. One of the important things to be noted is that Android handsets had made these features compatible since the very beginning. However, their UX was comparatively clumsier.

Although Apple had experienced lots of significant moments due to its release of iPhone, you might not find out any amazing update on each year. However, the company had shown some dedication and made efforts for upgrading the software and hardware parts. The main focus was to make an improvement of the functionality level of all the features. But, still, in the first few years, the company had sold more than six million models of iPhone. Later, it launched the latest products, like Apple wearable, Apple TV, and many other devices.

Major additions to iPhone since 2007

Now, let us see what revolutionary features Apple has added to iPhone throughout the past ten years.

  • GPS – When there was no GPS system in your handset, you perhaps try to trace a location by asking any stranger or by looking at a map. Older iPhone models did not include such feature. It is the launch of 3G set, after which the users started enjoying the service.
  • Selfie– With the integration of front camera in Smartphone, the trend of selfie has made the users crazy. iPhone 4 is the first Apple product, which offers this selfie option.
  • Alternatives to phone calling– In the past, we could call people, only by dialing the number. But, now, we mostly like to tweet someone or send email to communicate. Voicemail has also experienced absolute replacement. And modern iPhone has also all these opportunities.
  • Zooming– Earlier mobile users feel problems while reading the small fonts on their screen. But, now, the iPhones allow you to zoom it by simple pinching.
  • Apps– This word was almost unknown to most of the mobile users. Apple had started enjoying the real success after launching the apps, compatible with its iPhones. Now, the users get all the apps, from Uber to Twitter and Instagram. The present Store contains more than millions of apps.
  • Auto-correction– Apple offers a unique software system, which allows users to know whether their messages are automatically corrected.

The present market of iPhone really reveals the success of the company. Apple is still trying to sprinkle on more sophisticated features, such fingerprint sensing tool, water-resistant, and so on. The frequent upgrading of iPhone specs has made the users more tempted to the handset. According to an analyst, these improvements have created an impact on television, telecom, video and computer sectors. In spite of stiff competition, lots of people are now restless to know the subsequent innovations from Apple.

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