Does it Still Make Sense to Go for the Three-Year-Old iPhone 5S?

Smartphones tend to get outdated pretty quickly, as there’s no shortage of new phones with new features hitting the market at any given time. This stands true for every smartphone, and apparently, the Apple devices aren’t an exception as well.

Or maybe they are? Well, that’s really difficult to answer. But we will try coming to a conclusion as we discuss whether the three-year-old iPhone 5S is still a good buy.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into what the iPhone 5S offers and why some may still want to get one.

The invaluable small size

Well, although many smartphone fanatics wouldn’t want to get a device that’s anything less than 4.7-inch in size (hence Apple breaking its size norm with its latest devices), the small size seems turns out to be invaluable for some. However, as the current trend is the large-sized smartphones, no major smartphone manufacturer out there bothers developing new small sized devices.

4 inches iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S comes with a 4-inch

This makes iPhone 5S one of the very few options out there in the small-sized smartphone segment. There are a few other phones too, but they are nowhere near to being comparable to the iPhone 5S, especially in terms of hardware.

The iPhone 5S comes with a 4-inch screen, which seems to be the preferred size for those with small hands or for women who like carrying a small purse. More importantly, however, it’s how powerful the iPhone 5S is despite the small size that still makes it worth it for some. This is probably the only reason, besides Apple’s brand backing of course, that it’s still quite popular three years from its launch.

Some of the features that allow the 5S to still be pretty much in the game include:

  • Impressive camera even by the current standards
  • Battery life which is much better than most high-end Android phones
  • A7 chip with M7 processor that ensures a lag-free performance
  • A bright, vibrant screen that makes it look anything but outdated
  • Most iOS apps still run as good as ever on the 5S

Comparatively cheaper

Now though you could just get an Apple 6 or 6S and avoid what’s actually a little outdated smartphone according to the current standards, it may not be financially favorable to do so. While an iPhone 6S may set you back by a staggering $650 (it is for many, so don’t be surprised!), the iPhone 5S costs just around $450.

You can probably even find one for as low as around $350 if you manage to find a great deal somewhere. However, though you can also probably get a great deal if you get into a two-year contract with a major US cellular carrier, it isn’t really recommended to do so.

new iPhone 5s

After all, though the phone may still seem good enough for some, it may definitely get a bit too outdated two years down the line.

Apple’s backing may make a difference

While it would make much more sense to many to simply get a latest Android phone for around the same price as the iPhone 5S, Apple’s backing for the latter may make a difference. Usually, when it comes to updates, Android users have to deal with a lot of frustration and delays, as there always seem to be some sort of problems between phone makers and Google.

Apple iPhone 5s

However, when it comes to an iPhone, everything is in Apple’s hands, meaning that software updates may be a breeze, given that they continue covering the 5S.

What you would lose out on?

While this article has listed some of the highlighting points of the iPhone 5S that may still make it a phone worth considering for some, it would only be fair to also shed light on the downsides.

First things first, as hinted above more than once, the iPhone 5S may get outdated pretty soon, if it hasn’t already. We won’t go deep into this one as you’re probably already aware about it.

Now coming to something that may be much more significant for many, the RAM may disappoint you big time if you’re a heavy user, especially when compared to the 6S. While the 5S may still be smooth and pretty much functional, it definitely doesn’t come close to what most other high-end phones offer in terms of speed and multi-tasking.

Another cause of concern is that Apple may not want to bother itself with the iPhone 5S, now that its focus seems to have shifted to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch devices. That also means getting cool accessories for the 5S may not be as easy as it used to be a couple of years ago.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that at the iPhone 5S price mentioned in this article is for a 16GB version of the phone. Over time, you may also run out of space if you get a 16GB one, while the models coming with more space are obviously priced higher.

The verdict

As with choosing any smartphone, there obviously isn’t a clear answer with this one too. As usual, you may want to do some analysis of your own requirements and try comparing it to what the iPhone 5S offers and the compromises you would have to make. This may help you get a better view of whether you should consider it or not.

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