Choose Your Color and Make the iPhone Your Own

Hard candy shell or sleek silver casing? There are a variety of options for out-of-the-box color options for Apple iPhones. However, the most prominent cell phone maker has become more conservative with color options for their latest releases. Currently, you can find an iPhone 6s to come in just four different tones: rose, silver, space gray or gold. In past years, there were much brighter color options. For example, the Apple iPhone 5c featured a Skittles spectrum. So what color should you pick for your phone?

Latest Color Options

Just before Apple released the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, created a poll to find out what the most popular colors were for iPhones. The users got to pick from silver, gold, space gray, and rose gold.

 Space gray iPhone

The poll results found that 49.61% of the voters loved space gray, while 19.51% chose rose gold, followed by gold and finally silver. Apple sold over 13 million iPhone 6s models around the world. With so many different phone options in the past, is it strange the phone company has dialed down their offerings and will the candy-colored cases ever return?

Previous Color Options for iPhones

The older iPhone 5c was released with a variety of different color options. Buyers could purchase iPhones in bright blue, pink, white, canary yellow and lime green. The phones were some of the trendiest items in 2013. However, the colors were seen as a bit of a flaw in the design of the latest release for the phone company, which was waiting to release its next big thing, the iPhone 6.

iPhones 5c

It was the first time that iPhone users saw the company go back to a time when it readily released iPhones in various tones, matching the unique flavors of its audiences. However, it did not do well with the public. In fact, many people questioned the design choices for the bright phones, wanting more options besides bright colors, white, or black. However, the iPhone 5c did stand out in a crowd, and for that reason, many users continue to write publicly how they wish there were more colors available for out-of-the-box iPhones.

Custom Colors for iPhones

While there is no question that the out-of-the-box colors are limited now, there is no reason that users have to limit the color of their cases. Whether you choose to purchase a case to go over the phone or you replace the original case of the phone completely, there are multiple options for customizing and creating your own iPhone color palette. These are often called color conversions. Colors are not the only thing that changes with these types of custom iPhones. You can also choose between different designs that are both colorful and inspirational. Some of these colors include:

Custom iPhone with cases

  • Ferrarri Red
  • Lime green
  • Orange
  • Batman blue
  • Smurf blue
  • Yellow gold
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black slate
  • Onyx white

These are not colors that you will find in any Apple store, but there are plenty of ways to purchase these custom colors and designs online.

Next Color Trends for iPhones

There are also questions over whether Apple will release new colors with their upcoming iPhone 7. While it is clear that the company has gone to a more minimalist approach with its last release, there are hopes that they will introduce more options such as returning to the all-black sleek iPhones of 2010. Others hope to see colors like lavender, navy, cream white, bright yellow, pale pink, turquoise, and tangerine orange.

Are these colors viable options for the next iPhone?

The Cupertino phone maker has yet to release any formal statement regarding its latest colors, but options are never a bad thing when you have a user base as large as Apple does.

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