Ultimate guide to buy used iPhones

The multi-oriented and versatile gadget from Apple, iPhone has no doubt, carved out a different niche when it comes to popularity, appeal and performance for different classes of the worldwide consumers. People who own the iPhone may consider themselves in the privileged section because of higher investment amount but it does not mean you are not eligible for such ownership! Yes, we are talking about the refurbished, used and used unlocked iPhones that can turn your boring days engaging and enjoying in just a flash of second because this premium gadget can be used as internet hotspot, digital camera, gaming device, video player, credit card machine and of course, an elegant communication device.

Cheap used iPhones guide

The price-prohibiting nature of iPhone has generally kept the common man away from such pleasures and mobile productivity but you can sincerely think about investing in a used iPhone. Here, you will find a guide which carefully explains about the main points that must not be overlooked if you are well prepared to buy used iPhones.

Essential points to look for while buying used iPhone

Battery life

iPhone battery

You will be surely willing to know about everything about the iPhone but what remains still at the top is enquiring about the battery life of used iPhone. Customer should obviously see the current battery condition in terms of compactness, backup and future life so that your iPhone buying process does not get interrupted. If you are buying an iPhone which has already been used for a year, battery life should be analyzed properly otherwise; you may be dragged into an unwanted deal. In case, the seller claims the battery life up to a stipulated time period of next 6 months, assume it, you must have adequate knowledge about the return policies.

Memory capacity

Memory capacity iphone

No doubt, the attraction towards the low price estimate for the used iPhones for sale is valid and required but it should not be compromised with the memory capacity which Apple always boasts of. It should be noted here that you are not getting the latest version of iPhone as used iPhone rather it might be a few years older, depending on the release date. Previous gadgets from the company came with hardly 4 GB of memory which has now currently been expanded to massive 16, 32, 64, 128 GB. So, negotiations are not possible if memory allocation is not enough for the new user to enjoy the device at the fullest. Additional memory purchase may compensate for your savings which is not a good sign for used phones.


Since you will find a number of people and online retailers selling used iPhones, you will have to weigh all the included features that were included in contemporary gadgets. The latest versions of the iPhone may come with amazing 4G connectivity, GPS navigation, Voice Memos, camera upgrades and video editing facilities but used iPhone will never allow you to entertain such awesome features. It becomes necessary for the buyer to at least know, what features are being made available in this digital age so that you can easily negotiate with the seller.

Screen damages

Check iPhone Screen damages

Display or screen of a handheld gadget is the most delicate part which should be inspected properly. If the used iPhone does not have any screen guard protector, it might come loaded with scratches that will further affect the touch sensitivity and performance of plenty of prominent apps. You must check the screen details and quality if you are ready to buy used iPhone from the seller and for this; you should always try to contact the best, genuine and highly reputed retailer in the area.

You will also have to make it sure that your favorite gadget is free of hardware damages, water damage and SIM trays, headphone jacks and connectors are working properly.

  • Budget – This is the most important segment where many users will try to fool you in case you are buying used unlocked iPhones. You may find the price of such iPhones cheaper by just $50-$75 but it is better to inspect about all the features and hardware details so that it can be considered as bonus discount. You will further have to ensure that lack of hardware or features as compared to latest version of iPhone may compensate for your additional savings!
  • Warranty – Apple is very generous and sincere towards the warranty terms offered with new gadgets and thus; if you are getting a used iPhone with current or extended warranty terms; just crack the deal. You will be always in profit if warranty still exists for your dream device.

Important checks before buying used iPhones

Before you finally get into the deal, you should surely verify the gadget for damages, locks and carrier support features.

  • Carrier lock – You will have to see whether this gadget works on your carrier or the iPhone is not locked for any specific carrier either CDMA or LTE.
  • Check interface – The buyer should also perform checks for the UI by typing messages and making a call so that sound quality and other features can be ensured.
  • Disabled activation Lock – If you are going to buy second hand iOS7 iPhone, make it sure the device’s activation lock is disabled.
  • Efficient web surfing – You should also surf internet in order to ensure proper functioning of cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi module.

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Best places to buy used iPhones

Based on the above discussion, if you have decided that used iPhone is well suited and best for your needs then you should choose the most appropriate and authentic seller.

  • Exchange companies – Some of the companies might be best suited for you since they are best at offering exchange offers to either buy or sell used iPhones. Yes, you might interest and appealing deals for your iPhone with Gazelle, FlipSwap and NextWorth.
  • Internet Auctions – There are some excellent websites and portals that offer buyers the opportunity for used iPhones through auctions which indicate that prices is dynamic in nature depending on the capacity and demands of public. Cowboom has got some fascinating offers for you in case of second hand phones.
  • Online buying – Idea to buy used iPhones online is really fine if you are well aware of the high levels of competition among the internet sellers. eBay and Amazon might become your favorite destination on the internet to purchase used iPhone.

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