What is the Best Time to Buy an iPhone

Whenever a new iPhone hits the market and becomes the flagship, most people feel tempted to give up their old iPhones and upgrade right away. However, this is not necessarily the best choice. Upgrading to the latest iPhone is not really a straightforward decision. After all, you want a gadget that can raise to your expectations, not to mention matching both your needs and available budget. At this point, purchasing the right smartphone can be quite challenging. If you take a few minutes to think about it, you realize that upgrading right away is not always your top choice.

Time to buy an iPhone

On a different note, buying a good smartphone is also about timing. What is the best time to buy an iPhone? It depends on more factors. Most people are not thoroughly convinced if they should pick a new iPhone right away or just give it a few months. You do not have to be a genius to realize that any new release will cost a fortune. Even if money is not a problem for you, it is still worth analyzing this situation in smaller details. So, how can you tell the best time to buy an iPhone? The truth is that there are several ideas to help you make a wise and informed choice.

Statistics on the Best Time to Buy an iPhone

iPhone 6Opinions on the best time to buy an iPhone vary widely from one person to another. There are more factors that can make the difference. Do you already have a mobile contract? When does it expire? Do you want your iPhone to retain its value for as long as possible? Are you looking for the latest iPhone or just an older release?

Generally speaking, it is worth noting that prices for a new iPhone tend to drop by 25% to 35% within the first half a year after hitting the market, so it is encouraging enough to save some money by waiting. Plus, no one really likes waiting in lines in front of the store for a few days and nights in a row.

On a different note, consider your current contract if any. If you already have a contract, it might be wise to upgrade anyway after a couple of years. Why? Easy. Initial costs are high enough to cover the smartphone costs. After two years, the plan stays the same, so why not get a new smartphone for it?

Think about the fact that major releases tend to occur during the fall season. Until a few years ago, Apple used to release its products during the summertime. These days, its pattern is different and targets the fall season. This is probably the right time to wait for a new flagship smartphone.

Winter Holidays

When looking for a good time to buy an iPhone, chances are the winter holidays will bring in plenty of special offers, promotions and discounts. December is the month of presents. You will find special offers for everything, from candies and clothes to iPhones and cars. Therefore, most operators will come up with various discounts for the latest iPhone. From this point of view, you should not really overwhelm yourself when the smartphone is released, but give yourself a few months, let it depreciate a little and also match this trend with the winter holidays.

Black Friday

The Black Friday special offers are not to be overlooked either. The day is normally set after the Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It might differ a bit if you live in other countries though. All in all, the Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday from November. Since Black Friday also coincides with the beginning of the winter shopping season, chances are it makes the best time to buy an iPhone. If you are not the type to push others and run like a maniac around stores, it might be wise to shop over the Internet.

Cyber Monday

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday has something to do with the Thanksgiving Day. Basically, it is the first Monday. From many points of view, this day may also become the best time to buy an iPhone, especially since it is mostly related to electronics, gadgets, devices and so on. However, it was also associated with a broader type of consumerism, so Cyber Monday also targets other types of products, including foods or clothes.


As a short final conclusion, the best time to buy an iPhone varies widely. You cannot tell the costs upfront, unless you count the official release. Otherwise, you might miss an opportunity while waiting for another one. Sometimes, it does pay off to just trust your guts. However, when it comes to the worst time to buy an iPhone, the release day and the upcoming week are terrible. Costs skyrocket, so there is no point to do it.

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