Best places to buy cheap unlocked iPhones

For consumers looking to buy cheap unlocked iPhones, there are plenty of options available throughout the web. While price will vary from site to site, customers will also want to be sure that they’re taking into account the reliability and reputation of the site that they’re buying from.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places on the web to buy cheap unlocked Apple iPhones:

Infographic: Best places to buy unlocked iphones


Amazon is one of the best places to find cheap unlocked iPhones as they have one of the widest range of options available on the web. No other site can offer the variety and price that Amazon can and there are also very few sites that have the reputation that they do. Customers looking for reliability, reputation, and price should be sure to check out what cheap unlocked Apple iPhones. Amazon has to offer before they go anywhere else.


Long before Amazon came along, eBay was the king of selling just about everything and anything online. While Amazon has taken over a bit on that front, they’re still a great site to get cheap unlocked iPhones. They also offer a large variety of options at different prices and consumers may be able to find some great unlocked iPhone deals there as well due to the many international sellers that are on the site. It’s also a great option for reliability as you’ll be able to check the past ratings of the sellers.


Depending on how big the area that you live in is, Craigslist just might be the cheapest way to buy unlocked phones. Large areas tend have tons of unlocked iPhones for sale and many of them of them can be had for much cheaper than other sites. It should be noted, however, that there is a much bigger risk with buying from Craigslist as there really isn’t any way to tell if the person you’re buying from is legitimate or not. It can also be a dangerous option if the seller is requiring that you actually go pick up the product.

iPhone craigslist screenshot

Craigslist Screen Capture

Best Buy

Best Buy isn’t really the best option for cheap unlocked apple iPhones but they do have a very good reputation. This is the site to go to if you’re looking for reliability as the used unlocked phones that they offer have generally been refurbished by professionals. Consumers can get solid deals on some of the older iPhones but the 5, 5s, and 6 are all being offered for prices far higher than most of the other sites on this list.

New Egg

New Egg is a Canadian company that offers a huge variety of unlocked iPhone deals at some of the cheapest prices you’ll find. They’ve developed a reputation for being extremely technical savvy as all of the products that they offer are technology based. This helps with reliability and trust as you won’t find too many companies outside of Apple that know as much as they do about refurbishing iPhones. is similar to Best Buy in that most of the cheap iPhones that they offer are the older versions. They have a pretty large selection on their site and offer smartphones of just about every type. While they’re also a very reliable site, customers looking for cheap unlocked iPhones that are iOS 5 and above will probably want to look elsewhere.

Gazelle has become famous for all of the commercials that they’ve been showing recently for people wanting to send their old smartphones or notepads in for a small payout. What most people probably didn’t know is that Gazelle actually refurbishes the used unlocked iPhones themselves and then sells them on their site. They actually have some solid deals on some of the newer iPhones, and they’re also one of the few sites on this list where satisfaction is guaranteed.

GSM Nation

GSM Nation is a site that actually offers smartphone plans along with the option to purchase cheap unlocked iPhones. There selection is a lot smaller than most of the other sites on this list, at least for iPhones, but they are a reliable site where you can find some pretty solid deals.

Photo: Jorge Quinteros

Photo: Jorge Quinteros

As we mentioned, choosing the right site to buy cheap unlocked iPhones shouldn’t just come down to price. Customers will also want to be sure that the site that they’re purchasing from is reliable and trustworthy. Hopefully this list of reliable sites that offer unlocked iPhones for sale will guide you in the right direction.

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