10 Convenient Places to Trade-In Your iPhone

There are many things to think of when you wish to sell your old iPhone, such as whether you wish to trade it in for a new phone or if you just want the cash in hand. It isn’t difficult to find someone to buy an old iPhone, as long as you know where to look.

When trading in an iPhone, keep in mind that most retailers will only accept phones that are in new or like new condition.  Additionally, the phone needs to be fully functioning in most cases to be considered for trade in.

Most places, you cannot trade your phone if it has the following:

  • Cracks or chips on the display or case
  • Missing or non-functional buttons
  • Scratches to metal or paint
  • Water damage of any kind
  • Have been reported lost or stolen

Trade-In Your iPhone


Perhaps the most common and most efficient way to trade in your old iPhone is to take it back to an Apple retail store or apply for their recycling program online.

Apple encourages consumer loyalty through offering solid buyback and upgrade rates. This is a helpful idea, especially if you are planning on getting another apple phone to use. Rather than getting cash for the phone, they will provide you with in store credit. When you submit your old phone, it will be appraised.

With the release of new phones, Apple often provides special incentives for current customers to trade in their previous iPhone and to get the latest model. For example, right before they announced the release of the iPhone S and upgraded option, the iPhone 6S Plus, they sent out a press release stating that you can now pay for a new phone over the course of 24 months and that you will be eligible for an upgrade after the successful completion of a 12-month contract.


Amazon has a long running trade-in program for iPhones. When you sell them your old device, you will get a prepaid gift card that you can use on their website. Prices can vary considerably due to item condition, what carrier it’s locked to, and even color. Amazon does provide free shipping when you send them your old device.

Best Buy

At Best Buy, you can choose to trade in your old iPhone or sell it directly to them. With both onsite and mail in options, you can either apply your current phone to the purchase of a new phone or choose a Best Buy gift card with the agreed upon amount applied to it. While they do accept phones as old as the 3G, their prices drop considerably for older models.


Buybackworld.com will take a long list of phones and are less picky on condition than other sites or companies. They will accept anything from the newest models all the way back to the iPhone 1st generation 2G edition. While they will purchase your damaged items, they will not take ones that are iCloud or Apple ID locked.


Don’t underestimate the power of private buyers. Craigslist is the most common online way to find somebody local that is looking for your style of phone. Prices can vary greatly on both demand and market but if you know how to write some savvy marketing, you can potentially get top dollar. It is all in how you post. For a fast sale include the term OBO (or best offer) next to the price and let people know that you are willing to barter if you are looking for a newer model.


Gazelle is accepting a wide variety of iPhones ranging from the iPhone 4S to the newest models. You will get an offer for your device plus an addition $20 credit that can be used to purchase items from their online store. They accept phones with cracked screens, or missing buttons as long as they can power on, and even give decent rates for them.


Walmart offers a buy back program where they will give you a gift card for your device. They take both broken and working devices, but the prices vary greatly depending on their condition. They have a handy appraisal tool on their website.


Most Target stores will allow you to bring in your old phone. The amount that they offer for the phone will be applied to a Trade-In card, which you can then use to buy things in store or online. They accept some broken models but all devices must have “Find my iPhone” deactivated for it to be sold. If you are curious how much your phone is worth with them, they have a handy online quote tool too.


An online marketplace for new and used cellphones, Usell will happily buy both new and dated models of iPhone at competitive prices. They even purchases broken or damaged phones. Additionally, they have multiple payment options from PayPal to your checking account. There is no shipping charge to send them your old device.

Wireless Stores and Providers

Because cell phones are the lifeblood of a wireless store, they are often a smart choice for trading in your iPhone. The best time to try is right before or after a newer model is released. So, for example, if you want to sell your iPhone 6, then you will want to wait until the iPhone 6s Plus is being released.

While wireless stores offer competitive prices on phones, they almost exclusively require the purchase of a new device and calling/data plan. Rarely will they allow you to sell them your old phone without special conditions. Additionally, they can be extra picky about the newer phones that they will take, often requiring better conditions to other iPhone trade-in options.

Popular Wireless Stores and Providers Include:

  • AT&T Wireless
  • Bullfrog
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon

Avoid Paying Full Price – Trade in Your Old Device

With each of these locations, it would be wise to consult them directly before making your final decision. As new generations of devices come out, each location will have their own rules as to which phones they are accepting as trade ins or for rebates. Demands based on popularity will also dictate a better going rate for some phones. Unlocked iPhones are usually how you will make the most money back, however many retailers will also accept locked phones but will generally offer less in return for them.

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